Our team and software can help you track consumer data from your events and prove that they were successful.

Get data-driven insights from events

Proving that an event was successful can be one of the most challenging aspects of event marketing. Without the data to back it up, it can be hard to prove the impact on your KPIs, however memorable the experience was.

When you capture and track data before, during and after an event, you can see exactly what is and isn’t working.

Analyzing the data from each event will empower you to make better decisions about how to spend resources and improve future events.


Analyze real-time data to improve

From simple event registrations to complex trade shows, booths to event sponsorships, Limelight can help you prove the success of any kind of event.

Our software integrates with your existing CRM and systems, so you’ll always have real-time data on hand to help you make the right decisions and improve customer experience. 

Data-driven insights from each event will help you improve future attendance, increase conversions and most importantly, increase sales.

Start capturing lead data at your events and experiences.