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What We Do

How we support your
experiential campaigns

Build + manage campaign assets

We'll help you plan and design the digital assets you need to launch powerful experiential campaigns. With Limelight, you'll get expert support from our team of marketers, engineers and account managers before, during and after every experiential activation.

Capture + track data

Build and use any digital asset to capture lead data at your events and activations. Leave your future customers with a relevant call-to-action, then use Limelight's automation features to follow up with personalized communication journeys that build valuable relationships and drive sales.

Analyze results

Analyze your consumer data in one dashboard and compare with previous campaigns. Get a greater insight into consumer behaviour and a deeper understanding of which campaigns are working, so you can finally prove the impact of your experiential campaigns.

Integrate data

Data from every activation is sent from Limelight into your CRM and existing marketing stack in real-time. You can track consumer data and compare it with your other channels, so you'll get the insight you need to make better decisions and improve future campaigns.

Our Process

Generating New business growth plans

Better offer take-up


More leads


Marketing database growth


Why choose us

Why partner with Amava?

Increase client revenue

As you provide ongoing value to your clients with experiential marketing thought leadership and amazing experiential services, you can begin building larger retainers into your agreements.

Prove ROI of experiential

Partner with Limelight and you can measure, understand and prove the ROI of experiential activations. Your clients will get better results and you'll get increased profit margins.

Save time on projects

Last minute client request for a complicated experiential activation? We have the software and experts to support you through the execution and measurement of any campaign, however big or small.

Provide value with digital capabilities

With our software you'll have the ability to easily execute any experiential activation and provide clients with real-time results and valuable insight into their consumer data.