Test Drives

Use real-time data to increase the number of leads, hand-raisers and sales from every test drive.

Turn test drivers into repeat buyers

Capture and use data to improve the test drive experience and increase the number of hot leads and sales. Provide a seamless consumer journey to convert more leads and increase the number of repeat buyers in the future.

By tracking interactions before, during and after the test drive, you can use the data you capture to complete a 360 degree view of your consumers and then follow up with a personalized consumer journey, ideally speeding up the sales process.


Understand why your test drives work

We can help you build all the digital assets you need for your test drives, like digital waivers, signature and license captures to check-in apps, emails and more.

All data captured will be sent in real-time from Limelight into your CRM so you can follow up immediately with personalized communications.

Analyze the data in your dashboard so you can understand what makes a test drive effective, which drivers are most likely to burn into buyers, and how you can replicate and improve on these experiences in the future.

Turn test drivers into customers and repeat buyers today.