Trade Shows

Capture and track the data from your trade show and use it to understand your customers and drive engagement, leads and sales.

Get better results with personalization

Attendees of your trade show will have a better experience if you connect with them before, during and after with messaging that is relevant to them. 

By automatically following up with personalized communications based on the interests they demonstrated at your show, you can continue building on the relationship after the show is over and ensure they remember your brand .


Use data to understand your customers

Our team will work with you to plan, build and customize the digital assets you need for a winning trade show, from check ins and microsites to digital displays and landing pages.

You can capture and track data from your trade show and view it in real-time in Limelight’s analytics dashboard. The data will be integrated with your CRM and other systems so you can track trade show performance against your other marketing channels and analyze the results of previous shows.

With all your trade show data in one place, you’ll have everything you need to make better decisions that drive engagement, leads and sales.

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